The formation of St Michael’s took place in 2015. I was busy with my first year Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care and Rescue at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. I had worked hard to get into the degree and was keen to come out flying and ready in 2019. What a lot of people don’t know about me, is that I incurred severe back trauma from a car accident in 2013 whilst responding to a CPR – in – progress. A taxi decided to cut in-between myself and another vehicle causing my vehicle to roll 8 times.

Some say miracles don’t exist but the fact that I’m alive after that accident completely removed any doubt in my heart. As a result of this accident, I underwent two spinal fusions and a disk replacement. Despite these injuries, I decided to give the degree my all. Unfortunately, as the end of my first year approached something happened which caused me to pull out of my degree altogether as I ran the risk of becoming a paraplegic.

I was completely devastated and realized that my entire career was in jeopardy. Being a fully-fledged paramedic was all I’d ever wanted to do!

But God has His plans and it was to Him that I turned to. If He had saved me from death, in the car accident, then it only made sense to trust Him with my life’s direction from hereon.

One night, whilst I was sleeping, I had the most surreal, incredible and almighty dream. In it, I was speaking with St Michael (Commander – in – Chief of all heaven’s angels). What was said exactly is beyond me but I woke up ready to build a service that would run with the virtues and morals that St Michael stands for. Naturally, the name of the service became St Michael’s.

The company will stand for the following morals:

Courage, Love, Grace, Professionalism, Manners, Faith, Service and Ethics