1. The yellow lines on the sides of the roads are for emergency vehicles and vehicles in distress. You are not allowed to use the yellow lined lane because you are late for work or there is a traffic jam as a result of roadworks or accidents. You may, however, use the yellow line if a police officer or other emergency personal directs you to do so.
  • When an emergency vehicle approaches your vehicle from behind with lights flashing and sirens booming, DO NOT PANIC! DO NOT SLAM ON BRAKES OR BLINDLY (without checking your side mirrors) SWING! If you can move over to another lane immediately indicate and do so safely and as soon as possible. If you cannot immediately move out of the emergency vehicle’s way, indicate to show the emergency vehicle driver that you have seen them and are intending to move. Move as soon as you can to another lane.
  • Never tailgate an emergency vehicle that is responding, it is incredibly dangerous and can easily result in disaster.
  • Remember the general rule of the roads: keep left and pass right! If you are wanting to go 20km/hour in the far-right lane do yourself and everyone else a favor and use one of the slower-moving lanes. Accidents happen as a result of road rage from thoughtless individuals and careless driving.
  • When daylight is falling and the stars start making their way out, please put your headlights on, regardless of whether or not it is still light enough for you to see where you are going.
  • Keep your music at a decent level. Loud bass and treble will result in temporary deafness (eventually permanent) this, in turn, hinders you from hearing emergency sirens and possibly a hooter warning from another driver.
  • Remember to be courteous, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you (at least 2 cars worth of space).